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contract with self

It fully participate in life, one should work very hard to travel on his or her own thoughtfully-created path of wellness, not one prescribed by society, schools, parents, peers, cultural expectations, etc.

The contract below was created to help individuals embark on such a path.

  • I now commit myself to breathing deliberately, thinking mindfully, and reconnecting to the infinite wisdom of my intuitive senses.

  • I now release myself from all perceptions that are not my own creations.

  • I now set aside all guilt, fear, and shame instilled and perpetuated by others.

  • I now cease to pursue all that others think I should be.

  • I now commit to being fully present in the moment and solely pursuing the things that are right for me.

  • I now commit to living a courageous, conscious, connected life.

  • I now embrace the unexpected and celebrate the unforeseen in my life as wonderful gifts from the universe.

  • I now practice quiet meditations and positive affirmations.

  • I now embrace a powerful voice for myself.

  • I now commit to attaining the genuine who, what, and where I am destined to be.

  • I now discharge all attachments to predestined outcomes, and empower myself to embrace every rewarding outcome as it arrives.

       Signed this ___ day of __________, 20___


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